Simple Diet Plan That Saves You Money and Gets You Fit and Fabulous!

When it comes to the best diet choices, some of them can break your bank account and some diets can require you to buy membership plans, plus order prepackaged foods and meals, buying organic foods at the grocery store or farmers markets, taking additional supplements while spending on average $500 to $1000 a month. 

It takes time, creativity and money to get meals prepared and often our family might not like the foods we eat especially if you have little kids or teenagers who are picky eaters. 

For busy working moms, a diet has to be simple and easy to follow and hopefully without leaving the entire paycheck on your weight loss regimen.  With crazy schedules, differences in cuisine choices and constantly being on the go, moms often grab fast food, or salads with suspicious nutritional value, or protein bars and lots of coffee to keep themselves afloat…

But does it really work for your diet goals? Usually it is a big NO. It leaves us exhausted, hungry and craving more sweets and drinking wine at night to unwind.  We live in a cycle of never starting a diet because we are too tired finding the perfect diet products that actually taste good and work long term, something that becomes a part of our family lifestyle. 

The good news: your new diet does not have to be expensive and complicated. Here is how you can save money and still fit in your skinny jeans. You can start with WellnessPro vanilla shakes each morning, add water, some frozen berries or just oat or almond low calorie milk. With (120) calories per serving you will still feel satisfied and feel light and balanced. 

If you are looking for healthy options, I have a question for you. Can you really buy a healthy clean meal for less than $3.00 that provides the necessary nutrients for your body and weight loss? Usually you will be spending at least $15.00 to $20.00 on the organic greens salad with chicken or salmon if you are eating out.

You can have light breakfast and lunch  with extra yummy berries and almond milk. Then you can enjoy a healthy low carb low sugar dinner and or even allow a cheat day with a good burger and glass of wine on occasion. You will now be saving money on eating out, your wine and personal groceries while redirecting your money in your wallet towards a new healthy eating plan. 

With food prices going up in restaurants and groceries stores, saving extra money while getting healthy can trim your family budget and shrink your waist too! What sets Wellness Pro unique is that the products are more than just a protein shake. It is your meal in a jar that can change how you feel, look and give you confidence that you are putting the right foods in your body. 

Our body is our vessel and when it comes to better choices we got your covered. If you combined all the ingredients your body needed in one meal you would be eating almost 10000 calories and spending over 63.00 per meal! Well you are not from the Rockefeller family  and you are not a gladiator to eat so many calories. 

That is why our simple weight loss program is so easy to follow. 

Just shake it. Drink it and enjoy the day without headaches of shopping, cooking and cleaning the kitchen after cooking all that food you might even throw away…So when it comes to saving your money for your summer break, getting skinny for bikini season, our shake is ready to be shipped to your house.

On top of the great flavor and amazing results, WellnessPro shakes will leave you fuller and with less cravings.  Our scientifically-formed formulas were crafted to help you overcome the pain points of diet shake and smoothie mixes.   You will see, taste and feel the difference just by replacing one meal a day with WellnessPro shakes.

WellnessPro Nutrition is science-based, innovative nutritional products that have been created in collaboration with the staff nutritionist for two U.S. Presidents and U.S. Olympic Team. Our goal is to bring the most high quality product to achieve your ideal weight and something you can share with your friends and family. 

We look forward to being a part of your transformation, your family wellbeing and helping you regain health, confidence and put a smile on your face. 

In our next article we will share the most important protocol to help you shed pounds, get slim and feel more energy in the next 30 days.

Your friends with WellnessPro


Your Science Advisor and CEO