It’s out! My secret to healthy and manageable weight loss


Dr. Tatiana is here. It is already the beginning of February and I am excited to share with you our upcoming educational series on the topic “Eat Well, Satisfy Hunger and Lose Weight”

As we went through many blind tastings, working with different consumer groups we asked our participants and ourselves one question,” Is it possible to eat less and still feel full and happy?”

The good news is that good food  can taste good and you can lose weight and enjoy life on your terms. As a medical professional and someone who spent over 20 years in the weight loss industry, I never liked weight loss resolutions.  New year resolutions lead to new disappointments in the first 90 days.  Why does it happen? 

Because they set you for guaranteed failure. We need something that will be long term without deprivation and hunger. We need a diet plan that can be a swiss knife in the world of yo yo diets and establishes healthy eating habits for years to come. It sounds boring and simple.

That is why I decided to start a brand educational series to make informed choices in your weight loss program. The most important thing in losing weight and keeping it off is to understand your body composition to ensure success in your weight loss journey.

The Role of Body Composition in Weight Loss and Health

When embarking on a weight loss regimen, the goal for many is not just to lose pounds, but lose fat while retaining muscle. This concept of improving your "body composition" plays an integral yet often overlooked role in both weight management and overall wellness.

What Exactly is Body Composition?

Body composition refers to the percentage of fat, muscle, bone and other vital tissues that make up your body. As we age, especially women over 40, the natural tendency is to lose lean tissues like muscle, while body fat increases. This gradual shift leads to a slower metabolism, increased disease risk, loss of bone density, and reduced strength and mobility.

The key is maintaining a better balance by preserving or even building metabolism-boosting muscle while shedding excess fat stores. This often requires a smart nutrition plan as much as exercise.

How Proper Nutrition Supports Body Composition Goals

All weight loss methods - whether calorie reduction, intermittent fasting, low-carb diets, etc. - run the risk of losing muscle in addition to fat and your patience. This is where optimal protein intake combined with strength training becomes vital. Consuming adequate protein feeds muscles, fueling growth and repair. It also curbs hunger by regulating appetite hormones.

In addition to sufficient protein, ensuring an adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals can support the increased nutritional demands during weight loss. Quality nutrition keeps your body energized and operating at peak efficiency.

No matter what healthy regimen you commit to for better body composition, providing your body the fundamental micronutrients it requires is a must. Losing fat is great; losing hard-earned muscle is not. The right balance of nutrition paired with regular resistance training lets you reshape your body in ways that support lasting wellness. As we get older, building muscle and eating the right nutrients is more important than calorie restriction.

 For a convenient nutrition solution that aids body composition goals, WellnessPro has created a perfect plan and offers a Balanced Nutrition Meal Replacement shake. With 20g of protein plus 58 essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, this formula was created to function as a complete, balanced meal.

Unlike protein-only shakes intended to supplement other food intake, WellnessPro shake has a smoother, creamier texture and was formulated to keep you satisfied. It delivers lasting energy, curbs cravings between meals, and provides muscle-nourishing nutrition in one delicious serving less than 200 calories.

Available in rich chocolate and vanilla flavors, the shake can be enjoyed by itself or blended with fruits and vegetables for added nutrition. Each scoop delivers the ideal ratio of proteins, fats, carbs and fiber to support lean muscle development and an efficient metabolism. It is a healthy way to slim down and make lifestyle changes.

I look forward to being a part of your weight loss journey

Your Dr Tatiana