Which Meal Replacement Shakes Taste Best?

The healthy eating trend is no longer just for hippies and health nuts. If you're looking for a cleaner, higher quality meal replacement shake, you have plenty of options. But can a shake exude the essence of a chocolate brownie or vanilla ice cream and still be healthy, effective, and safe? Yes, it can!

We brought together a group of consumers and industry professionals for a blind tasting of our shakes and ten of the market leading brands.

The following criteria were evaluated: flavor, taste, aftertaste, texture, consistency, general smoothness.

We did comparative, triangular, and monadic testing.

WellnessPro Shakes won the taste test by ranking in the top 3 in each criteria!
Both our chocolate and vanilla shakes are crowd favorites. Our Vanilla bean with its “buttery flavor” was likened to a “Dairy Queen milk shake,” meanwhile our Chocolate boasts “a rich, decadent chocolate flavor."

Unlike our competitors, our shakes are the perfect combination of quality, great taste, and overall smoothness. Our two formulas are designed differently for men and women, to tailor to our unique and individual needs. Each formula contains an unrivaled combination of essential nutrients, proteins, and enzymes to ensure optimal results.

Our customers enjoy our shakes because of the taste but love them because of the benefits they feel and see!

On top of the great flavor and amazing results, WellnessPro shakes will leave you more full and with less cravings.  Our scientifically-formulas were crafted to help you overcome the pain points of diet shake and smoothie mixes.   You will see, taste and feel the difference just by replacing one meal a day with WellnessPro shakes.

WellnessPro Nutrition is science-based, innovative nutritional products have been created i collaboration with the staff nutritionist for two U.S. Presidents and U.S. Olympic Team.