We all know losing weight can change your life and give you confidence, inner glow and help you with self-worth. We follow diets, detoxes, join fitness clubs and hire weight loss experts so we can get our mojo back and feel youthful, sexy and attractive.

10 Reasons You Cannot Lose Weight

We start our diet every New Year, every Monday and when bikini season starts in May. We want to look amazing for our wedding day or our wedding anniversary trip. We have great intentions to get fit and skinny.  Initially we get motivated and excited about being healthy, skinny and sexy again.

Then Friday night comes, and we order pizza and get a bottle of Chianti or Chardonnay and snuggle on the sofa with our loved one or even by ourselves. We eat a tub of chocolate Belgian ice cream while watching Emily In Paris or Inventing Anna while being fascinated by fashion styles and luxury life experiences.

We broke our golden diet rule. We tell ourselves a bunch of excuses, put our pajamas on and go to bed feeling stuffed and miserable. Next morning, we ask ourselves why we should even try losing weight and that losing weight is impossible.  As we approach our 40s and even 50s we want to lose weight to feel good and look younger. We want to get rid of the muffin top that hangs over our jeans, and we want a tight fit healthy body again.

Losing weight is not about some temporary lifestyle hacks. Your diet means lifestyle. It is a way of living, eating, and thinking.

How can we get weight loss motivation back?

First, we need to look at the core reasons why we cannot lose weight. Let’s talk about 10 things that stop us from losing weight and feeling light, healthy, and alive.

1.   Poor diet: We simply do not watch our diet and we eat foods that are either fast food or something that has no nutritional value. We just stuff our body with food when we are hungry.

2.   Overeating. The American diet is about big portions, rich desserts, and a lot of beer. Eating in moderation is important and eating right is important. Calories are calories. You either burn them with exercises or you reduce the amount of calories per day.

3.   Carbs addiction. You heard doctors say, “stop eating white foods such as rice, flour and sugar” As you get older in your late 40s and even 50s your body will either crave sugar or will crave healthy clean foods. It is a choice.

4.    Socialized eating. We all love meeting with our friends and family either at the restaurants or  and we do not notice we are eating too many rich appetizers and drinking one glass of wine after another. We finish our meal by sharing a big slice of cake. Being mindful of what you put on your fork can help you save money and have a smaller waist size.

5.   Stress eating. With everything that is happening in the world from pandemic to deaths, job losses and broken relationships, food becomes our therapy. We do not notice how we have eaten the whole bag of Doritos or box of donuts. We stuff our emotions instead of dealing with them. What if our food became our medicine? What if we could choose foods that transform our state of well-being.

6.    Lack of belief: We give up when we try one diet after another. We accept our body size not because we love it but because we tell ourselves we will never lose weight. Losing weight becomes a struggle because we program ourselves that it will not work. Guess what? It will not work when you set yourself up for a failure. Maybe committing yourself to one diet for the next 6 months will help you regain faith in your weight loss plan. When you work the plan it will work for you.

7.    Inner circle: Is it time for change? Are they warriors or whiners? If you want to achieve something different in life especially with your weight you must choose new friends who believe in you and your transformation. Your inner circle could be a reason why you give up on taking care of yourself.

8.   Supplement and meal replacements: Be mindful about your food. Choose high quality ingredients in your meal replacement and weight loss shakes. Make sure it fits your body needs.

9.   Water intake: Drinking water is a simple way to flush toxins and eat less. When we do not drink enough water we do not feel good and it is proven it stops us from losing weight. Enjoy your water by adding lemons and cucumbers, mint and lime. Make it colorful and delicious. Make it a fun experience.

10.   No exercise: We have to move our energy and light exercises like walking can do wonders. Dance, walk, yoga are perfect ways to add to your diet protocol. What is your favorite way to move your body?

Weight loss is a journey of personal commitment and deep inner transformation and there are no quick hacks or magic pills to lose weight. When you learn to understand who you are as a person with unique needs and desires you will find a perfect plan for you to stay healthy, get sexy mojo back and have your confidence soaring! When you dare to live fully, nothing can stop you getting into skinny jeans again!

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